National Scientific Committees

The objective of National Scientific Committees (NSCs) is to engage Australia ICOMOS members (and non-members in some instances) who have an interest and/or expertise in a particular area, but who are not members of an International Scientific Committee (ISC).

All National Scientific Committee members are bound by the Australia ICOMOS Code of Conduct for members of the EC & all sub-Committees & Groups.

The first Australia ICOMOS NSC to be formed was the joint NSC for Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Routes. We now have an NSC on Intangible Cultural Heritage and an NSC on Enery and Sustainability. Click on the links below for more information on these NSCs.


National Scientific Committee history & convenors

Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Routes NSC

  • Formed 2010
  • Current Co-Convenors: Kieran Davis & Sue Rosen
  • Former Co-convenors: Sandy Blair & Juliet Ramsay, Rachel Jackson & Kirsty Altenburg

Intangible Cultural Heritage NSC

  • Formed May 2014
  • Co-Convenors: Richard Morrison (2014 – current) & Chris Johnston  (2014 – current)

Energy & Sustainability NSC

  • Formed October 2014
  • Co-convenors: Helen Wilson & Rachel Jackson, 2014 – current

Fortifications & Military Heritage NSC

  • Formed February 2017
  • Co-convenors: Matthew Kelly & Iain Stuart, 2017 – current

Rock Art NSC

  • Formed October 2017
  • Co-convenors: Josephine McDonald & Sharon Sullivan

TICCIH NSC on Industrial Heritage

  • Formed February 2018
  • Convenor: Iain Stuart