NSC – Fortifications & Military Heritage

The Australia ICOMOS National Scientific Committee on Fortifications & Military Heritage (NSC-F&MH) was established in February 2017, and is a sub-committee of Australia ICOMOS, which is the national committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), an international non-government organisation primarily concerned with the philosophy, terminology, methodology and techniques of cultural heritage conservation.

The NSC-F&MH includes among its members historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, interpretation specialists, and others who have a strong interest in conserving heritage of conflict sites and military heritage.


A brief history

The NSC-F&MH is a recent initiative of Sydney-based archaeologists with a professional interest in the heritage of military sites. We would welcome similarly interested practitioners from other areas of Australia to apply for membership of the NSC-F&MH to broaden our expertise and geographical base. 



Australia ICOMOS members and other individuals who are interested in joining the Australia ICOMOS NSC on Fortifications & Military Heritage can contact Matthew Kelly via e-mail in the first instance.

Current members of the NSC-F&MH are listed below.

Matthew Kelly (Co-convenor)
Iain Stuart (Co-convenor)
Steven Cooke
Wayne Johnson
Cameron Hartnell
Dennis Gojak (Affiliate member)
Tony Brassil (Affiliate member)
Fiona Shanahan (Affiliate member)


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