Australia ICOMOS Inc. is the national committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), an international non-government organisation primarily concerned with the philosophy, terminology, methodology and techniques of cultural heritage conservation.

ICOMOS has national committees in some 100 countries with the headquarters in France. Members in these countries are formed into national committees and have the right to participate in the ICOMOS General Assemblies held every three years.

Australia ICOMOS has over 750 members, including a wide range of professionals such as planners, historians, educators, curators, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, interpretation specialists, conservators, engineers, site/asset managers and and qualified tradespeople working in heritage conservation.

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Please note: some members have elected not to be included in this publicly-available list. All queries concerning the membership status of any given person should be directed to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat.

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