Executive Committee

Australia ICOMOS is managed by an Executive Committee (EC) comprising 15-17 full members representing all states and territories in Australia. Committee members are elected every two years by the Australia ICOMOS membership for a two year term, with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

The Executive Committee is responsible for contributing to the organisation’s national programs and participating in decisions of ICOMOS as an international organisation. It meets four times per year for up to two days per meeting.

The Executive Committee is bound by the Australia ICOMOS Code of Conduct for members of the EC & all sub-Committees & Groups.

The current Executive Committee comprises the following:

Office Bearers  
Ian Travers (VIC) President
Pacific Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
World Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group EC Representative
Helen Lardner (VIC) Vice President
Michael Queale (SA) Secretary
SA Representative
Matthew Whincop (QLD) Treasurer
Public Officer  Kate Cowie
Committee Members 
Jane Alexander (QLD) QLD & NT Representative
Bruce Dawbin (NSW) NSW Representative 
Edwina Jans (ACT) ACT Representative
International & National Scientific Committees Coordinator
International Day for Monuments and Sites Coordinator
Strategic Plan Coordinator
Blue Shield Australia EC Representative
Wayne Johnson (NSW) Membership Secretary
Minutes Secretary (1 of 4)
Historic Environment
EC Representative
NSC Fortifications and Military Heritage EC Representative
Flavia Kiperman (WA) WA Representative
Fabric Conservation Reference Group EC Representative
NSC on Energy and Sustainability EC Representative
Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Working Group EC Representative
Our Common Dignity Working Group EC Representative
Australia & NZ Joint Cultural Heritage Risk Preparedness Working Group EC Representative
Richard Mackay AM (NSW) GA2020 Convenor
Duncan Marshall (ACT) Strategic Advocacy Reference Group Convenor & EC Representative
Anne McConnell (TAS) TAS Representative
Minutes Secretary (1 of 4)
Annual Report Coordinator (assisted by Flavia Kiperman)
Indigenous Heritage Reference Group Convenor & EC Representative
Heritage Planning Working Group EC Representative
NSC on Cultural Landscapes & Cultural Routes EC Representative
Adam Mornement (VIC) VIC Representative (assisted by Helen Lardner)
Minutes Secretary (1 of 4)
Julian Siu (NSW) Minutes Secretary (1 of 4)
Lisa Sturis (NSW) Communications Coordinator
President’s Award Coordinator
US Internships Coordinator
NSC on Intangible Cultural Heritage EC Representative
We also currently support an Australia ICOMOS member who is a member of the ICOMOS Executive Committee:
Peter Phillips (NSW) Secretary-General, ICOMOS
Pacific Heritage Reference Group Convenor
Our Common Dignity Working Group Co-Convenor

A list of past Executive Committees is also available on this site.