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Australia ICOMOS 2020 AGM Presentation by Felicity Watson
Thursday 12 November 2020


What is heritage? Perspectives from a pandemic

After more than 100 days in lockdown due to COVID-19, many Melburnians have become more familiar with their local surroundings than ever before, echoing the experience of many people across Australia, and the world, during a time of global pandemic. How does our local experience of cultural heritage reflect broader themes, and what can we learn from what’s in our own backyard?

Felicity Watson is the Executive Manager of Advocacy at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), and has nearly two decades of experience in cultural heritage. Felicity is also the President of Yarra Pools, a not-for-profit, community-led initiative to reintroduce swimming to the lower reaches of the Yarra Birrarung.  

Download the talk as a PDF: ICOMOS Talk 2020_Felicity Watson