Presently, Australia ICOMOS has close to 800 members, including a wide range of professionals such as planners, historians, educators, curators, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, interpretation specialists, conservators, engineers, site/asset managers and qualified tradespeople working in heritage conservation.

Download the Australia ICOMOS Membership Brochure


Core Benefits

Different benefits and requirements apply to the different categories of membership. Benefits for all members include:

  • Fortnightly email news with information about national and international activities, current heritage issues and employment opportunities
  • A subscription to the Australia ICOMOS refereed journal Historic Environment
  • Opportunities to participate in some national activities
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Discounts at Australia ICOMOS functions and conferences
  • Discounts on Australia ICOMOS publications

For a full list of the benefits and requirements that apply to each membership category, click on the links in the following section.

Membership Categories

Membership at both a national and international level is available through Australia ICOMOS and the membership categories are as follows:

Australia ICOMOS can also grant honorary memberships according to the Honorary Membership Policy.

Please note that changes in membership category require a formal request to Australia ICOMOS as different criteria and application requirements may apply.


Membership fees are based on the financial year and are paid annually. They are revised periodically by the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee.

Membership fees for the 2022/2023 financial year are set out in the table below and include 10% GST. Membership fees are subject to change. A set of pro-rata fees applies to applications that are approved part-way through the financial year. Successful applicants will be contacted to arrange payment of fees and are not considered members until these have been paid.

International Membership (includes International component)
Full International $290.00 
Full International – Retired/Unwaged $145.00 
Young & Emerging Professional (under 30 years) $145.00 
Associate Membership (no International component)
Associate $220.00
Associate – retired/unwaged $70.00
Associate – student (enrolled full-time) $70.00 
Institutional/Corporate Memberships
Institutional/Corporate Membership
(includes International component)
Associate Institutional Membership
(no International component)

Membership will be considered to have lapsed if fees are not paid within three months of the commencement of a new financial year and all benefits will then cease. Where membership has lapsed for a period of up to 3 years, it will be reinstated at the previous membership level, following payment of all fees due for the period lapsed plus the current financial year. If membership has lapsed for 3 years or more, a new membership application is required.