Working Groups and Reference Groups

In addition to the Executive Committee, from time-to-time Australia ICOMOS establishes Reference and Working Groups on various issues that ICOMOS wishes to progress. The groups can be short and/or long term.

All members of Reference and Working Groups are bound by the following documents:


Reference Groups
Generally, we use the term ‘Reference Group’ to refer to a group of eminent professionals with expertise in a given area that can be called on for opinions or advice on issues that arise from time to time.  As a general rule, we divide these small, ad hoc sub-committees of members into Reference Groups – these are intended to include a core group of members, with specialist skills in a particular area, who are available and willing to provide advise or opinions to the Executive Committee.  Reference Groups are ongoing, although membership will be refreshed at least every three years through a call for Expressions of Interest from members.  Members will be selected based on demonstrated expertise and experience.

Current Reference Groups include:


Working Groups
Working Groups are made up of a small group of members established to progress a particular issue according to an agreed work-plan.  Australia ICOMOS uses the term ‘Working Group’ to mean a group of members who voluntarily come together on an agreed work program to further particular cultural heritage issues relevant to Australia ICOMOS objectives.

Working Groups will have a fixed life of up to three years which is determined to suit the objectives for which they were established, although the life of a Working Group may be extended at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Working Groups are comprised of members who volunteer to advance the work program of the group.  They are selected through a call for Expressions of Interest from members at the commencement of the working group, and are selected on the basis of interest and/or experience.

Current Working Groups include:

Working Groups that have completed their task and are no longer active (or have been converted to another type of entity) include:


If you wish to become involved with one of the current working groups, please contact the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat.