ICTC – Cultural Tourism

International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism is that form of tourism whose object is, among other aims, the discovery of monuments and sites. It exerts on these last a very positive effect insofar as it contributes – to satisfy its own ends – to their maintenance and protection. This form of tourism justifies in fact the efforts which said maintenance and protection demand of the human community because of the socio-cultural and economic benefits which they bestow on all the populations concerned.

Australian Members

  • Mr Graham Brooks – Expert
  • Mr Murray Brown (ICTC Secretary General) – Expert
  • Dr Hilary Du Cros – Expert
  • Mr Ian Kelly – Expert
    Australian voting member
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  • Prof Richard Mackay – Expert
  • Ms Amita Baig – Expert
  • Mr Paul Dignam – Associate
  • Ms Agnieshka Kiera – Associate

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