Fabric Conservation Reference Group

The Fabric Conservation Reference Group (FCRG) provides advice on the conservation of heritage fabric in accordance with the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter including maintenance, preservation, restoration, reconstruction and adaptation, and promotes skills development in fabric conservation practice.

Initially formed in September 2016, the FCRG is a group of practitioners experienced in the conservation of heritage fabric. The FCRG can be called on for opinions or advice to assist the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee (EC).

Membership as at November 2019

Convenor: David Young (email David)
EC Representative: Anita Krivickas

Full Members
Mary Knaggs
Caroline Stokes
Graham A Edds
Greg Owen
Marc Beattie
Martyn Lambourne
Mitchell Cleghorn
Nicola Ashurst
Renee Muratore
Victoria Pearce

Affiliate Members
Matthew Johnson
Grace Barrand

Terms of Reference

Download the document: FCRG Terms of Reference_November 2016 v2


The aims of the Fabric Conservation Reference Group:

1.       Keep abreast of national and international issues concerning the conservation of heritage fabric and where appropriate inform the EC of these issues.

2.       Contribute to the national promotion of traditional and other relevant construction and repair trades for heritage structures.

3.       Promote skills and training opportunities for practitioners committed to continuous improvement and best practice fabric conservation.

4.       Work with relevant partners (e.g. the construction industry) to further the aims of the Reference Group.


Strategic Actions

Strategic actions being considered by the Fabric Conservation Reference Group in 2017-2021 include:

1.       Explore ways to monitor and raise standards of conservation works at heritage places.

2.       Develop and promote quality benchmarks or standards for the physical conservation of heritage fabric.

3.       Identify drivers and research business cases to facilitate traditional and specialised trades training and practice.

4.       Promote sustainable reuse of existing building stock and promote sustainability of traditional materials and techniques.

5.       Recognise that traditional trade skills need to be maintained by a supply of traditional materials, and promote controlled salvage for its contribution to this supply.

For further information please email the EC Representative on the FCRG.

See also information on the Australian Heritage Quality Framework and useful links concerning various types of fabric conservation on the Australia ICOMOS Heritage Toolkit. Also visit the Traditional Trades & Conservation webpage.