ICAHM – Archaeological Heritage

International Committee for Archaeological Heritage Management

ICAHM was established in 1990 to promote international cooperation in the field of archaeological heritage management and to advise ICOMOS on archaeological heritage management issues. ICAHM provides a forum for the interchange of knowledge and research among archaeologists, other professionals, and decision makers involved in the management of archaeological resources.

ICAHM has an elected executive, a representative nationally endorsed voting membership, sufficient honorary and associate members to provide a broad and active base of expertise, a track record of convening annual regional meetings, an up-to-date web site, and specific tasks or purposes that reflect the concerns of the membership.

ICAHM has various working groups that reflect the needs of the membership as well as the pressures, condition and responses required by ICAHM. The following are examples of some of the working groups:

  • ICAHM Charter
  • ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Sites
  • Heritage and Development
  • Responses to Endangered Heritage
  • World Heritage
  • EU-sponsored project APPEAR
  • Heritage@risk
  • Towards 2005


Australian Members

  • Dr Brian Egloff (ICAHM Past President) – Expert
  • Ms Elizabeth Bradshaw – Expert
  • Dr Tracy Ireland – Expert
  • Dr Matthew Whincop (ICAHM Administrative Secretary) – Expert
    Australian voting member
  • Prof Ian Lilley (ICAHM Past Secretary General) – Expert
  • Dr Leah McKenzie – Expert
  • Dr Anita Smith – Expert
  • Mr Andrew Sneddon – Expert
  • Dr Marilyn Truscott – Expert
  • Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy – Expert
  • Dr Shaun Canning – Expert
  • Mr Lance Syme – Expert
  • Mr Neville Agnew – Associate
  • Ass Prof Neale Draper – Expert
  • Adjunct Prof Mark Staniforth – Expert
  • Mr Andrew Viduka – Expert

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