The Australia ICOMOS / University of Canberra Heritage Studies PhD Scholarship

Australia ICOMOS and the University of Canberra have partnered to offer an exciting PhD opportunity – NOW AWARDED

Australia ICOMOS and the University of Canberra are delighted to announce that the joint Australia ICOMOS/University of Canberra Heritage Studies PhD scholarship has been awarded to Kate Clark.

This co-funded project aims to respond to the Australia ICOMOS’ strategic agenda, expand thinking around heritage in Australia and produce a legacy that has the potential to influence practice, policy and conceptual/theoretical innovation. The project is an important industry/academic collaboration that will feature a supervisory team made up of Australia ICOMOS representatives and academics led by Australia ICOMOS member Professor Tracy Ireland, Director of the University of Canberra’s Centre for Creative and Cultural Research.

Kate will be looking at ways to better understand the environmental, social and economic value of heritage in Australia, and how this can be more effectively embedded into wider Australian public policy. Kate is an industrial archaeologist with a career in museums and heritage in the UK and Australia. She is well known internationally for her innovative approaches to heritage policy challenges and is the author of over 30 books, articles and chapters. She was Director of Sydney Living Museums in Sydney and also Chief Executive of Cadw, the Welsh historic environment organisation and has been a member of the Australian Heritage Council. Kate has been thinking about the value of heritage for many years and is really looking forward to working with Australia ICOMOS to better explore the Australian policy context and its challenges.

Kate’s research project will be based in the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, in the Faculty of Arts and Design, which hosts a diverse array of multi and interdisciplinary research projects crossing boundaries of critical heritage, science and technology, creative practice, digital humanities, design and urban planning, and sustainability. Current funded research includes three ARC Linkage projects and two ARC Discovery projects, including Everyday Heritage, Heritage of the Air, and Laser Ablation for Conservation and Restoration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Other funded projects include The Sustainable Shine Dome, Digital Modelling for Climate Resilience for the Old Great North Road, Ginninderry Living Lab Research Framework, and the Haig Park Experiments – Urban Activations.

Australia ICOMOS and the University of Canberra would like to thank all of those who submitted applications for this competitive award – the standard of applications was uniformly excellent. We look forward to keeping members informed of the progress of this exciting initiative.