ICORP – Risk Preparedness

International Committee on Risk Preparedness

The goals of the Committee are to enhance the state of preparedness within the heritage institutions and professions in relation to disasters of natural or human origin, and to promote the better integration of the protection of heritage structures, sites or areas into national, local as well as international disaster management, preparedness planning, mitigation and relief operations. Through the sharing of experience and the development of a professional network, the Committee aims to stimulate and support activities by ICOMOS National and International committees to improve risk preparedness in their field. ICORP is also available to support ICOMOS in its actions related to risk and heritage, in particular its role as founding partner of the International Committee of the Blue Shield.

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Australian members

  • Ms Catherine Forbes – Expert
    Australian voting member
  • Ms Robyn Riddett – Expert
  • Ms Victoria Pearce – Expert