Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a document that expresses the commitment of an organisation to Indigenous reconciliation and provides a framework to realise their vision for reconciliation.

The purpose of this Working Group is to prepare a RAP, following the advice of Reconciliation Australia (who administers the RAP program), and in consultation with First Peoples groups – organised by ICOMOS members on a state and territory basis – to oversee its implementation. 

The key components of the RAP will be a statement of Australia ICOMOS’ vision for reconciliation, information about ICOMOS, and actions planned over three years to develop relationships, respect First Peoples’ culture and history, and provide opportunities for First Peoples, especially in relation to Australia ICOMOS.

The members of this Working Group each have experience in working with Indigenous people in a variety of roles – some in a professional capacity as heritage practitioners, including as archaeologists, architects, planners, administrators – and others as volunteers in reconciliation.

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The Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group is comprised of the following people.

Maddison Miller (Convenor)
Caitlin Mitropoulos (EC Representative)
Helen Lardner
Ruth Redden
Tanya Wolkenberg
Alan Croker
Vanessa Hardy
Lance Syme
Andrew Sneddon
Harold Ludwick
Silas Piotrowski

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