Get Involved

The best way to get involved in Australia ICOMOS is via Membership, which opens up opportunities to participate in a variety of ways:

  • Working and Reference groups are established as necessary by the Executive Committee, in order for Australia ICOMOS to progress various heritage-related issues
  • National Scientific Committees engage members (and non-members in some instances) who have an interest and/or expertise in a particular area, but who are not members of an International Scientific Committee (ISC)
  • Full Australia ICOMOS members are able to apply for membership of International Scientific Committees
  • Members who are young or early career professionals, and students from affiliated universities, have the opportunity to participate in the Mentoring Program, a 6-month long program that links them with highly experienced cultural heritage professionals
  • All members are eligible to apply for the US/ICOMOS Summer Internship Program – an amazing, fully-funded internship with a cultural heritage organisation in the US