World Heritage Reference Group

The World Heritage Reference Group’s membership as at November 2019 is as follows:

Convenor: Peter Romey (email Peter)
EC Representative: Helen Lardner

Full Members
Sarah-Jane Brazil
Kerime Danis
Hilary Du Cros
Jane Harrington
Helen Lardner
Jane Lennon
Duncan Marshall
Anne McConnell
Ilse Wurst

Affiliate Member
Kim Wilson (Associate)

These members have a high level of experience in world heritage matters and are thus suitably qualified to provide expert advice. The group is called upon if a relevant World Heritage issue arises in the work of the AI Executive Committee. Whilst it isn’t a working group or information exchange group as such – the group does not hold regular meetings – this is certainly not discouraged. It is also important to note that the majority of World Heritage related matters and information are brought to the attention of the broader membership of Australia ICOMOS. The AI Executive is working towards a number of initiatives to allow ICOMOS members to become further involved with World Heritage matters, including the possibility of a specific training program.

The terms of this reference group call for all members to be spilled and new Expression of Interests to be called through the Australia ICOMOS E-News every 3 years. Existing members may re-stand for the committee. If you are interested in joining this reference group before the next call for EOI, and you have the requisite experience, please contact the group convenor.