ISCS – Stone

ISCS International Scientific Committee for Stone

The ISC’s purpose is to promote the knowledge and the preservation of inorganic porous building materials (IPBM), such as natural and artificial stones.

Employing a multidisciplinary approach, it aims at identifying research gaps, stimulate and support research activities and increase exchange and dissemination of knowledge and skills in order to promote greater understanding in the heritage field.

In order to reach its objectives, the Committee will develop activities in support of the ICOMOS triennial action plans and in agreement with the ISCS work program and will include in particular:

  • The promotion of dissemination and sharing of information on IPBM conservation both nationally and internationally, for both professionals and the public
  • Both the real and virtual production of information documents, such as publications, a newsletter and a website
  • The organisation of scientific conferences or workshops in relationship with the Committee meetings, and in partnership with expert institutions in the field
  • The participation and promotion of training and education activities
  • The provision of technical assistance

Australian Members

  • Mr David Young – Expert
    Australian voting member
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