ISCMP – Mural Painting

International Scientific Committee on Mural Painting

The main objective of this Committee (formerly known as the International Scientific Committee on Wall Paintings and re-established as ISC Mural Painting in May 2010) is to promote international co-operation in the identification, protection and conservation of wall and mural paintings. This is achieved by:

  • Stimulating international interest in painted cultural heritage and its conservation among government and private institutions, art historians, conservationists and the general public
  • Establishing links, on the one hand between art historians, archaeologists, and conservationists, and, on the other, hand researchers, experts, training institutions and research institutions working in the field of wall paintings
  • Promoting the systematic inventorying and documentation of the Wall Painting Cultural Heritage
  • Initiating and co-ordinating applied research activities in the field of wall paintings and their conservation
  • Sharing of experience and expertise in the conservation and management of Wall Painting Heritage

Visit the ISC Mural Painting website.

There are two Australian members:

Caroline Kyi and Harpreet Tanday