Pacific Heritage Reference Group

The Pacific Heritage Reference Group is comprised of:

Convenor: Peter Phillips (email Peter)

Ian Travers (EC Representative)
Kerime Danis
Peter Barrett
Michele Summerton
Anita Smith

The members of this reference group each have high level qualifications and/or experience in the cultural heritage of the Pacific region. The purpose of the group is to provide advice as needed to the President and the Executive Committee on any issues that arise. Issues may relate to specific sites as in the case of World Heritage Monitoring Missions, capacity building in relation to cultural heritage conservation in the region, or ‘framework’ issues as in the case of preparing submission on legislation reform. This reference group does not hold regular meetings but is called into action as issues arise.

The terms of this reference group call for all members to be spilled and new Expression of Interests to be called through the Australia ICOMOS E-News every 3 years. Existing members may re-stand for the committee. If you are interested in joining this reference group before the next call for EOI, and you have the requisite experience, please contact the group convenor.