Strategic Advocacy Reference Group

The Strategic Advocacy Reference Group (SARG) was established (August 2017) to develop and review strategic level advice for Australia ICOMOS in relation to advocacy for cultural heritage in the political and government arenas, with a focus on achieving good heritage practice and heritage outcomes, primarily in the Australian context. It also is tasked with providing ongoing advice in relation to strategic level advocacy to Australia ICOMOS, and to consider advocacy training needs for Australia ICOMOS.

The aim in establishing the Group is to address the lack of a strategic framework for Australia ICOMOS advocacy. It is not intended that the Strategic Advocacy Reference Group develop heritage policy or undertake advocacy per se.**

The Strategic Advocacy Reference Group has been established as a very small and highly expert group comprising eminent professionals with expertise in heritage advocacy and lobbying.

Current members are:

Duncan Marshall (Convenor) – email Duncan
Andrew Sneddon (EC Representative)
Kristal Buckley
Joshua Davis
Jane Harrington
Helen Lardner
Ian Lilley
Harold Ludwick
Richard Mackay
Anne McConnell
Felicity Watson

As with other Reference Groups, this Reference Group has an ongoing active term, but with membership to be reviewed and refreshed at least every three years.

Terms of Reference

Download the document: SARG Terms of Reference_DRAFT_Feb 2021note: SARG’s membership was refreshed in March 2021, and the Draft updated Terms of Reference will be reviewed by the new group


** Policy development and the undertaking of direct advocacy are seen as activities that would be more appropriate for other Australia ICOMOS members and groups. This does not however preclude the SARG from undertaking these activities if asked to do so by the President or Executive Committee; nor does it preclude members of the SARG from undertaking approved advocacy as individual Australia ICOMOS members.