Associate Institutional Membership

Australia ICOMOS has introduced an Associate Institutional category for community and indigenous organisations that accept the ICOMOS Ethical Principles and devote a substantial part of their activities to the conservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement or interpretation of cultural heritage. 


Associate Institutional Membership is suitable for any organisation that:

  •  is concerned with the conservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement or interpretation of cultural heritage; and/or
  • owns or has in its care or charge cultural heritage; and/or
  • devotes all or a substantial part of its activity and resources to one or more of the objectives listed above in relation to heritage places or items.

The commitment must apply to the organisation as a whole and not just an individual or small group of volunteers or employees. To qualify, an organisation should provide evidence of its focus on cultural heritage, for example in a strategic plan or annual reports, and be incorporated or have an ABN.

This category may suit:

Please note that Associate Institutional Membership does not provide the same benefits as being a Full International Member of ICOMOS and its representatives will not receive a membership card from ICOMOS International. Professionals working in organisations as outlined above, who wish to access the full range of benefits of ICOMOS membership, are encouraged to apply for Full International Membership (including Young & Emerging Professional Membership).

Under the ICOMOS International Statutes, Associate Institutional members are not eligible to be members of the Executive Committee, International Scientific Committees or other ICOMOS committees. Voting rights in Australia ICOMOS and use of the post-nominal M.ICOMOS are only available to Full International Members. However, Associate Institutional members may state on their website and include in promotional materials a statement similar to the following statement:

“<insert organisation name> supports Australia ICOMOS through being an Associate Institutional Member”.


Full List of Benefits

  • Fortnightly email news with information about national and international activities, current heritage issues and employment opportunities
  • Single subscription to the Australia ICOMOS refereed journal Historic Environment
  • Opportunities to participate in national ICOMOS activities
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Discounts at some Australia ICOMOS functions and conferences. Discounts for three full attendees or their equivalent are given to Associate Institutional Members e.g. this could equate to six half-time attendees
  • Discounts on Australia ICOMOS publications

Application Requirements

  • A statement outlining how the work of the organisation relates to the conservation of cultural heritage, which also notes the organisation’s demonstrated willingness and ability to practice within the terms of the Burra Charter and the Ethical Principles for ICOMOS Members
  • An ABN number (where the organisation has an ABN)
  • Agreement to abide by the Ethical Principles for ICOMOS Members
  • Signed Statement of Commitment form, which should be signed by a senior person with authority and direct responsibility for actions in relation to cultural heritage
  • An organisational statement that outlines the key personnel involved in heritage conservation and the lines of responsibility and decision-making
  • Documents such as constitution, strategic plan, annual reports or listing of relevant heritage projects or involvement in cultural heritage which demonstrate the extent of commitment.