Traditional Trades Working Group

The former Traditional Trades Working Group was comprised of:

Coordinator: Mary Knaggs

Sarah Jane Brazil
Sandy Blair
Lyndon O’Grady
Ilse Wurst
Peter Dowling
Noni Boyd
David Young
Sue Jackson-Stepowski

Murray Brown
Elisha Long
Ruth Woods
Lisa Gervasoni
Allan Willingham
Greg Owen
Rebecca Roberts
Keith McAllister

Tom Perrigo
Robert Vincent
David Mason
Michael Queale
Donald Ellsmore
Laura Kellaway (NZ)
Robin Byron (NZ)


This Working Group was established for three years from 2013-2016 to address an action in the Australia ICOMOS Strategic Plan. There were Australia ICOMOS member representatives on the Working Group from nearly all states and territories and an agreement to coordinate with a similar initiative by ICOMOS NZ.

For further information on the outcomes from this Working Group, go to the Traditional Trades & Conservation page of this website.