ICOMOS Pasifika Project Working Group

The ICOMOS Pasifika Project Working Group comprises:

Convenor: Kerime Danis (email Kerime)

Ian Travers (EC Representative)
Peter Phillips (Overseer)
Christophe Sand (President ICOMOS Pasifika – Overseer)
Meretui Ratunabuabua (Manager, Pacific Heritage Hub)
CEO from Levuka
Levuka Heritage Officer
Alan Croker (NSW)
Jean Rice (NSW)
Laura Gray (WA)

Levuka Historic Port Town Heritage Conservation Workshop, 11-15 May 2015

The first hands-on project complete by the ICOMOS Pasifika Project Working Group involved a collaboration between ICOMOS Pasifika, the National Trust of Fiji, and Australia ICOMOS, who joined forces to share experience and expertise in order to assist heritage conservation in Fiji. This initiative was supported by the Levuka Town Council and Department of Heritage and Arts Fiji.

The workshop provided an opportunity for anyone involved in working on heritage buildings to come together with four technical experts to collaborate and share experiences and knowledge.

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