Advocacy Working Group

The Advocacy Working Group was comprised of:

Convenor: Andrew Sneddon

Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy
Kristal Buckley
Jane Harrington
Joel Gilman
Lynette Gurr
Lisa Gervasoni

The purpose of this group was to provide advice as needed to the President and Executive Committee on any matter related to heritage advocacy. The group also become involved in less sensitive advocacy actions directly. In accordance with Australia ICOMOS policy, such advocacy relates to the broader aspects of heritage conservation in Australia such as legislation, policies, programs and resourcing, and these are mainly government issues. Australia ICOMOS does not generally become involved in campaigns about specific places, unless they are current or potential World Heritage sites, or the place demonstrates some broader issue.

Advocacy might include sending letters or providing submissions, having meetings, and issuing media releases. The group did not meet in person but communicated via phone and email.