NSC – Industrial Heritage

The Joint Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) and TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage) National Scientific Committee on Industrial Heritage (NSC-IH) was established in February 2018 to be a voice for industrial heritage advocating for the preservation, conservation, investigation, documentation, research and interpretation of our industrial heritage.

The NSC was formed to implement the cooperation of ICOMOS and TICCIH by adopting and promoting the dissemination and use of the ICOMOS – TICCIH Principles for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage Sites, Structures, Areas and Landscapes. These Principles reflect the “The Dublin Principles” adopted by the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly on 28th November 2011 to assist in the documentation, protection, conservation and appreciation of industrial heritage as part of the heritage of human societies around the world.

The aims of the NSC-IH are:

  • To promote the value of the industrial heritage and facilitate national cooperation among experts in the better identification, study, understanding, protection, conservation and management of industrial heritage, in their tangible and intangible dimensions, including structures, complexes, machinery, material assets, areas and landscapes;
  • To foster and disseminate knowledge and understanding of industrial heritage and work to develop specialist guidance and provide advice;
  • To support capacity building and cooperate in establishing a standard for the training and qualification of those engaged in documentation, assessment, interpretation and management of industrial heritage;
  • To promote the Joint ICOMOS – TICCIH Principles for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage Sites, Structures, Areas and Landscapes (the Dublin Principles, 2011), as an important step in achieving the above.
  • To strengthen the relationship between ICOMOS and other like-minded organisations, cementing existing relationships such as that with TICCIH, and support enhanced cooperation with these organisations.

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Current members of the NSC-IH are listed below.

Keith Baker – Co-Convenor
Megan McDougall – Co-Convenor
Max Underhill – Facilitator/Secretary (Affiliate member)
Alison Wain (Affiliate member)
Anne McConnell
Helen Lardner
Iain Stuart
Mike Pearson
Paul Mahoney 
Phil Bennett
Sarah-Jane Brazil
Stephanie Moore
Tim Sullivan

Download the Australia ICOMOS NSC-IH Terms of Reference_August 2021.

Download the  Australia ICOMOS NSC-IH membership application form.