Claire Nunez

NSW Representative
Jim Kerr Address Representative
Strategic Plan Co-ordinator
AI/UC PhD Scholarship Sub-Committee
Pacific Heritage Reference Group EC Representative



Claire is interested in the ongoing connection between people and place and the role of planning, policy, regulation and innovation in the heritage profession. She is a heritage consultant with over 16 years’ experience and has a Degree in Cultural Heritage Management, with post graduate studies in Applied Project Management and City Planning. She has a commitment and personal drive to be part of projects that provide tangible improvements for communities and active places for future generations.

Claire has a background in materials conservation, public policy, heritage management and professional practice, which has given her a knowledgeable perspective on communities, planning, public policy and heritage. Claire was previously an Assistant Director of the Heritage Branch at the Commonwealth Department of Environment and has expert knowledge of statutory bodies, public authorities and government processes, as well as an in-depth understanding of government heritage programs, policy and legislation. She has expertise in heritage listings and management at all levels and has represented the Australian Government as part of a World Heritage Committee delegation.

Claire has led teams who have delivered advice on multifaceted heritage projects, including heritage assessments, conservation management plans, local heritage reviews, heritage impact assessments, interpretation and strategic planning projects. She also has in-depth experience working as a project director on complex state significant development, state significant infrastructure, state agency managed heritage places and local government heritage conservation projects.

Claire is currently on the Heritage Council of NSW Heritage Advisory Panel and the Australia ICOMOS Intangible Cultural Heritage National Scientific Committee.