Andrew Sneddon


QLD & NT Representative


Andrew Sneddon is a director at Extent Heritage Pty Ltd. He has been a fulltime cultural heritage practitioner since 2002. Andrew is widely published in peer-reviewed academic journals on heritage and archaeology, and he has taught cultural heritage management at tertiary level. Andrew has a thorough understanding of both the theory and practice of cultural heritage. His fields of expertise include historical archaeology, Aboriginal cultural heritage places, native title, built heritage, and cultural landscapes. 

Andrew has prepared assessments and management plans for heritage places of local, State, National, Commonwealth and World heritage significance. His projects have included heritage management inputs for the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Cricket Ground, Old Parliament House (Canberra), Cockatoo Island (Sydney), Garden Island (Sydney), Glendalough (Ireland), the Great Ocean Road (Victoria), Brisbane City Hall, and Angkor in Cambodia. Andrew has extensive practical archaeological experience, both in Australia and abroad having worked on excavations in Australia, Uzbekistan, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Myanmar and Cambodia. Andrew has specialist knowledge in the field of heritage law. He has been engaged by both the State and Aboriginal parties as an expert witness in native title proceedings.

Andrew has been a member of ICOMOS for 15 years. He was a member of the Executive Committee in 2012-13 and he has been a member of the ISC on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration since 2005. For a time Andrew was also a member of the ISC ICAHM and the ISC ICLAFI. In 2013 he was a member of the Burra Charter Working Group that developed amendments to the Burra Charter. He was co-author of two Practice Notes from that year: ‘The Burra Charter and Indigenous Cultural Heritage Management’ and ‘The Burra Charter and Archaeological Practice’. Andrew has been the ICOMOS representative on the Blue Shield Committee. He is a member of the ‘Working Group for a Reconciliation Action Plan, Australia ICOMOS’. Andrew has made desktop reviews for ICOMOS of nominations of places to the World Heritage List, and provided expert advice, for properties in Greece, Turkey, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Pakistan.