Alana Jennings

Alana is a Perth based Heritage professional who currently works in private consultancy. She has a broad background in the heritage field, holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Heritage Studies from the University of Western Australia (UWA). During her professional career she has had the opportunity to work in both private practice, education, and the public sector, assisting in the delivery of a diverse range of projects across all facets of heritage practice. In addition to her private consultancy work, Alana also assists with guest teaching and fieldwork support in several units of the UWA School of Design Graduate Certificate in Architectural Conservation.

As a passionate heritage practitioner Alana believes that understanding and engaging with cultural heritage is a vital component in developing successful places and communities. She is inspired by places of rich cultural diversity having travelled extensively and spent time studying and living in both Athens and the United Kingdom. Alana believes that the best developments communicate a well-considered balance between place and cultural values, design response and functional needs.

Alana is a Full International ICOMOS Member and is currently the WA representative on the AICOMOS Emerging Heritage Professionals Working Group. She is particularly passionate about building industry capacity and supporting the development of the next generation of heritage professionals.