Honours and Awards

The Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee can confer a lifetime honorary membership to honour an outstanding contribution made to, or on behalf of, Australia ICOMOS. It is intended that this will be a rare honour to be considered annually but not bestowed each year. It is awarded for services beyond what are normally given to a voluntary organisation and is an acknowledgement of the contributions made by individuals to Australia ICOMOS.

The existing honorary Australia ICOMOS members are:

  • Isabel McBryde (2002)
  • Meredith Walker (2004)
  • John Mulvaney (2005)
  • Duncan Marshall (2007)
  • Sheridan Burke (2014)

ICOMOS International can also award Honorary membership for those who have made a substantial contribution to the international sphere. The existing Australians who are International ICOMOS Honorary Members are:

  • Joan Domicelj (1999)
  • Sharon Sullivan (2005)
  • James Semple Kerr (2011)
  • Kristal Buckley AM (2014)