Mission Statement

Australia ICOMOS is a nationally respected organisation of cultural heritage professionals who advance and promote heritage conservation through developing best practice, sharing knowledge and enabling professional development.

The Organisation

ICOMOS is a non-government professional organisation that promotes expertise in the conservation of cultural heritage. It was formed in 1965, and has a responsibility to advise UNESCO in the assessment of sites proposed for the World Heritage List.

Australia ICOMOS, formed in 1976, is one of over 107 national committees. Membership of Australia ICOMOS consists of over 600 members of different categories, and is managed by an Executive Committee of 15 people, elected from the membership. A number of members represent Australia ICOMOS on various ICOMOS International Scientific Committees, as well as on expert committees and boards in Australia.

Strategic Priorities

1. Advance and promote national standards and best practice

Improve professional practice through innovation and establishing leading standards of practice in the heritage conservation field to advance cultural heritage management.

2. Engage with contemporary issues in cultural heritage

Identify and respond to changes in the context surrounding cultural heritage conservation, such as in government, policy, world events, development and sustainability, and societal and environmental changes.

3. Be an influential voice to government

Proactively engage with government at all levels to secure support, develop stronger relationships and ensure best practice standards and methodologies are adopted by government agencies.

4. Enhance recognition of Australia ICOMOS

Ensure relevance in the field of heritage conservation and acknowledgment as the leadership body for advancing professional practice to improve heritage conservation.

5. Empower a diverse membership

Increase diversity to be more multi-disciplinary, multi-generational and multi-cultural and empower members to play an active and influential role within Australia ICOMOS and the wider field of cultural heritage conservation.