Honours and Awards

The Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee can confer a lifetime honorary membership to honour an outstanding contribution made to, or on behalf of, Australia ICOMOS. It is intended that this will be a rare honour to be considered annually but not necessarily bestowed each year. It is awarded for services beyond what are normally given to a voluntary organisation and is an acknowledgement of the contributions made by individuals to Australia ICOMOS.

The existing honorary Australia ICOMOS members are:


ICOMOS (International) can also award Honorary membership for those who have made a substantial contribution to the international sphere. The existing Australians who are International ICOMOS Honorary Members are listed below. Individuals who are are awarded Honorary membership by ICOMOS automatically become Honorary Members of Australia ICOMOS:

  • Joan Domicelj (1999)
  • Sharon Sullivan (2005)
  • James Semple Kerr (2011)
  • Kristal Buckley AM (2014)
  • Jane Lennon AM (2020)
  • Sheridan Burke (2020)


Congratulation messages received on the Australia ICOMOS Special Event
for the celebration of the achievements of Kristal Buckley, Sheridan Burke and Peter Phillips

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