Lisa Gervasoni

Past Committee Member










Lisa Gervasoni is a town planner with qualifications in Applied Science (Planning) and Environmental Studies. Lisa has worked for state and local government in Victoria and New South Wales and has had experience in preparation of heritage studies and planning scheme amendments for local government and developed the heritage content for the City of Ballarat’s website and has organised exhibitions in the Warrnambool Art Gallery for Australian Heritage Week.

The surname “Gervasoni” is infamous in Heritage Victoria so it is not surprising that Lisa developed an interest in heritage from an early age which was not dampened by spending hours as a young child chalking headstones in Boroondara cemetery to assist its indexing. In the late 1990s Lisa undertook a comparative analysis of Preolympic swimming pools in Victoria to support her nomination of the Hepburn Pool to the Victorian Heritage Register which she updated 12 years later for the Watermarks Conference. The site was named Victoria’s Favourite Built Place in 2004 – beating the MCG.

Lisa is a committee member of the Daylesford and District Historical Society and is its representative on the Hepburn Heritage Advisory Committee. As Member of the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens Advisory Committee she is planning for its 150 celebrations on 11 May 2013. She has been a member of the Victorian Minister for the Environment’s Victorian Mineral Water Committee for over a decade and has a passion for protecting the natural resource as well as recognising the connection to place many Victorians have to ‘taking the waters’.