Pamela Hubert

TAS Representative
Annual Report Co-ordinator
Climate Change & Cultural Heritage Working Group EC Representative



Pamela Hubert is a strong believer in the contribution that heritage makes to the community; providing links to the past and enabling a sense of identity.  Pamela is keen to conserve heritage places so that they can continue to tell the many stories that shaped them and have an ongoing role in the life of the community.

Pamela is an accredited architect with over 30 years’ experience working in conservation management, specialising in heritage building conservation.  Pamela has managed conservation projects on a wide range of buildings from private residences to museums and commercial adaptive reuse.  Pamela has worked in private practice and in all levels of government (local, state and Commonwealth).  This work has included providing heritage advocacy and advice to private and public property owners and conserving buildings from the convict period to the late twentieth century.  Since 2016, she has worked for the Port Arthur Historic Sites Management Authority (PAHSMA) where she is the Conservation Manager.

Pamela has extensive experience in building conservation, conservation management planning, assessing heritage impacts and undertaking heritage assessments.  At PAHSMA, she is one of a team of heritage professionals that together work to conserve three of the eleven sites that comprise the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Place.