Kate Greenwood

QLD & NT Representative
AI/UC PhD Scholarship Sub-Committee
Indigenous Heritage Reference Group EC Representative
RAP Working Group EC Representative
Caring for Country Working Group EC Representative
NSC on Rock Art EC Representative



Kate Greenwood is an archaeologist who has been working with Traditional Owners in cultural heritage for over twenty years, documenting and recording Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites. Kate has a background in environment and planning. Her passion is traditional ecological knowledge and the intersection between environmental heritage and cultural heritage with intangible heritage. Kate is currently undertaking her Doctor of Philosophy in the Indigenous and Archaeological Significance of Culturally Modified Trees and Bark/Wooden Items in southeast Queensland with Jagera Daran Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Body as research partners. 

Kate has just started a new role as Regional Cultural Heritage Coordinator (south) at the Queensland Government Department of Seniors, Disabilities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships. Kate is perceptive, passionate, diligent, ethical and strives for delivering best practice projects in collaborative partnerships with Traditional Owners.