Ethical Principles – Article 6

Article 6 – Ethical Principles related to ICOMOS and its members

a    ICOMOS members are collegial, loyal and considerate towards other members.

b    ICOMOS members foster the exchange of knowledge through sharing of information and experience within ICOMOS, in particular at the international level.

c    ICOMOS members mentor junior colleagues and share knowledge and experience in a spirit of inter- generational solidarity.

d    ICOMOS members must not use their position within ICOMOS, or confidential information obtained through their work for ICOMOS, for their personal advantage.

e    ICOMOS members carrying out work at the request of ICOMOS must comply with any specific principles developed by the ICOMOS Board for such activities. Hence, ICOMOS members involved in work concerning the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972) must comply with the attached “Policy for the implementation of the ICOMOS World Heritage mandate” and its updates.

f    ICOMOS members act responsibly towards the association and enhance and uphold its reputation and sustainability.

  1. ICOMOS members must respect the ICOMOS Statutes and those of their National Committees, and the By-laws of their International Scientific Committees.
  2. ICOMOS members must not put the financial standing of ICOMOS and its Committees at risk.
  3. ICOMOS members must be mindful that the ICOMOS name and logo belong to ICOMOS.
  4. ICOMOS members must not act or speak on behalf of ICOMOS or one of its Committees, without the authority of the relevant body and in such cases must strictly adhere to its institutional positions..
  5. Candidates for office within ICOMOS may campaign by means accessible to all ICOMOS members; they must not mobilise government, public or private organisations to campaign on their behalf.