Ethical Principles – Article 5

Article 5 – Ethical Conduct

a    ICOMOS members conduct all their activities in an open, upright, tolerant, independent, impartial and accountable manner.

  1. ICOMOS members must avoid, or as appropriate properly disclose, any real or apparent conflict of interest that could compromise the independent, impartial and objective nature of their work. ICOMOS Members and Committees must not accept or offer gifts, largesse or other inducements that could affect or be seen to affect their independence.
  2. ICOMOS members must avoid being judges in their own cause: when they are involved in work concerning a specific site and also participating in advisory or decision-making bodies of local or national authorities, they must not take part in any decisions relating to that site.
  3. ICOMOS members must respect the confidential nature of any data, including documents, opinions and discussions, to which they have had access in the course of their activities.

b    ICOMOS members respect and recognise the intellectual work of others. They must quote, reference and publish in an accurate and faithful way the intellectual, material and practical contributions of others.

c    ICOMOS members must clarify whether the professional views and opinions they express are their personal views or those of the institution they represent.

d    ICOMOS members oppose misrepresentations and false information on cultural heritage and conservation activities; they oppose any concealment or manipulation of data and findings.