Ethical Principles – Article 3

Article 3 – Ethical Principles related to the public and communities

a    ICOMOS members acknowledge that they have a general moral obligation to conserve cultural heritage and to transmit it to present and future generations, and a specific obligation for activities conducted under their own authority.

b    ICOMOS members use their best endeavours to ensure that the public interest is taken into account in decisions relating to cultural heritage.

c    ICOMOS members acknowledge the value of community involvement in cultural heritage conservation. They collaborate with people and communities associated with cultural heritage.

d    ICOMOS members recognise the co-existence of cultural values provided that these do not infringe human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or other international instruments.

e    ICOMOS members support the promotion of public awareness, including appreciation of, access to and support for cultural heritage, at the local and global level.