Ethical Principles – Article 2

Article 2 – Ethical Principles related to cultural heritage

a    ICOMOS members advocate and promote the conservation of cultural heritage and its transmission to future generations in accordance with the aims of ICOMOS.

b    ICOMOS members advocate and encourage respect for cultural heritage. They make every effort to ensure that the uses of and interventions to cultural heritage are respectful.

c    ICOMOS members recognise the economic, social and cultural role of heritage as a driver of sustainable local and global development.

d    ICOMOS members acknowledge and respect the diverse tangible and intangible values of cultural heritage that enrich human culture and that may hold different meanings for different groups and communities.

e    Where cultural heritage is in immediate danger or at risk, ICOMOS members offer all possible assistance that is practicable and appropriate, provided that it does not put their own health and safety or that of others in jeopardy.