2004 ICOMOS Heritage@Risk Report

This latest report in the series produced each year by ICOMOS is now available from the ICOMOS International website: http://www.international.icomos.org/risk/2004/index.html.

The report contains contributions from over 40 national committees, several thematic contributions from the International Scientific Committees, interesting introductory texts from ICOMOS President Michael Petzet, and Mounir Bouchenaki, UNESCO’s Assistant Director for Culture. There are many specific issues and case studies covered by the report, as well as comment on the threats to Iraq’s cultural heritage and the widespread impacts of the Boxing Day tsunami in southern Asia and parts of eastern Africa. However, the majority of the risks and threats discussed are not related to war or natural disaster, but a wide range of management issues, and the report provides examples of resolution of such issues from around the world. This year, the Australian contribution focuses on landscape issues – thanks to members who contributed ideas for the text (especially Marilyn Truscott, Juliet Ramsay, Kristal Buckley, Jane Lennon).

Our congratulations to the many contributors to this interesting volume, and to Marilyn Truscott (Australia ICOMOS), Michael Petzet and John Ziesemer (ICOMOS Germany) who worked closely together to coax and cajole the many authors, and to collect, translate and edit the contributions.