Australia ICOMOS President’s Award

Australia ICOMOS is reviewing the President’s Award during 2019 and hopes to offer the Award again in 2020. Stay tuned!


The Australia ICOMOS President’s Award recognises the important contribution made by the active engagement of younger and/or early career professionals in the cultural heritage field. ICOMOS already acknowledges experienced heritage professionals with Honorary ICOMOS membership (both national and international). This initiative is to encourage and recognise those earlier on in their career, including heritage practitioners who are not ICOMOS members.

The establishment of the President’s Award was initiated by Elizabeth Vines (President, 2013-2015) and Kerime Danis (President, 2016), who both personally pledged the cash prizes for the 2016 inaugural award. The Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee has endorsed its establishment, and the award will continue as a dedicated Australia ICOMOS award, to encourage and support those early on in their career. The award is open to non-Australia ICOMOS members also, in order to widen the recognition of those in the field.

Note that the term ‘professional’ is taken to mean anyone who is engaged in a cultural heritage field (or is training to be engaged) as a qualified person.

There are two categories for the President’s Award:

1.     A student / young / early career heritage practitioner who has made an outstanding contribution to a heritage project; and

2.     A trainee / apprentice or early career tradesperson who has made an outstanding contribution to a heritage project.

Nomination Process

Nominations for either category in the Award can be made by the nominee or by any member of a heritage project team. The nominee or other nominator must provide a statement outlining how the nominee and the relevant project meet the Eligibility Criteria. If the nominator is not the nominee’s supervisor on the project, then an additional statement must be provided by the supervisor. Other supporting documents can be submitted, including reports, drawings and photographs.

The Award

The two Australia ICOMOS President’s Awards will be for the young / early career professionals who best meet the eligibility criteria for each of the two categories outlined.

A judging panel will be appointed by the Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee prior to the nominations being called and is made up of qualified and experienced heritage professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

In each category, the prize includes:

  • Certificate of Award
  • $500 cash
  • 1 year Associate membership of Australia ICOMOS (not transferable)

The final decision to shortlist any nomination or to confer any award is based on there being nominations of an appropriate standard. The judging panel may decide not to confer an award if the nominations are not of a sufficiently high standard. All decisions and recommendations made by the panel are binding and final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

Eligibility Criteria

In each category the Award is for a young / early career professional (including students and trainees) who has made an outstanding contribution to a heritage project that:

  • Follows the articles of the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter in planning and delivery;
  • Contributes to the best practice conservation of a heritage place or item (or group of places or items), including (but not limited to) projects concerning conservation of built heritage, cultural collections, cultural landscapes, intangible heritage values and terrestrial or maritime archaeological sites;
  • Contributes to the sustainability of heritage places; and/or
  • Contributes to the retention of heritage values that are considered to be under threat.

The heritage project must have been completed within the last 24 months or be more than 75% complete.

Nominees are expected to have no more than 8 years’ experience in the heritage profession, either as a student, trainee, apprentice or otherwise as an early career professional.

For projects undertaken by students, trainees and apprentice tradespersons, the nominee must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a course, degree, traineeship or apprenticeship in a relevant heritage discipline or trade, or
  • Must have completed the course, degree, traineeship or apprenticeship within no more than the last 5 years.

Nominations can be received from both members and non-members of Australia ICOMOS. Nominations cannot be received from relatives or life partners of the nominee.

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