TAS 2018 Symposia

Over 9-12 November 2018, Australia ICOMOS will be holding 2 one-day heritage symposia in conjunction with the Australia ICOMOS 2018 AGM. All events will all be held in Hobart. Click here for the overall series of events.

Full programme – click on the links below.

One symposium is on the subject of cultural landscapes. It will explore the diversity of cultural landscapes, and what this diversity means for the identification, categorisation, assessment and management of cultural landscapes.

The other symposium will explore the relatively unseen, little explored and largely uncelebrated heritage of science, including what science heritage is, what significant science heritage we have in Australia, and whether there are particular management needs for the conservation of this heritage.

The CALL FOR SYMPOSIA PAPERS is now open – click on the following links for more information

The symposia are open to all people with an interest in the topics. Each symposium will be a combination of presented papers that will be followed by an opportunity for discussion of the issues raised and the implications and needs for heritage conservation.

This is a rare opportunity to discuss cultural heritage in a Tasmanian setting and to visit some special and unusual Tasmanian heritage places. We welcome your participation.

Port Arthur Historic Site – Pre-Symposia Tour Opportunity

One of the eleven sites that make up the World Heritage listed Australian Convict Sites, the Port Arthur Historic Site comprises more than 30 convict-built structures and substantial ruins in a picturesque and relatively undisturbed landscape of 136 hectares. The extensive suite of structures and their layout reflect the importance of the penal station, its self-sufficiency and the evolution of penal practices over several decades. 

The Port Arthur Historic Site can also be seen as part of a broader cultural landscape of the Tasman Peninsula that provides an insight into the use of convict labour for production and punishment. 

Symposia delegates are invited to visit the Port Arthur Historic Site on Friday 9 November for a pre-symposia tour. You will need to organise your own transport. Port Arthur is around a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart. Arrive at the Site at 10am for a guided tour of the site with conservation staff – highlighting some of our recent conservation projects and research, followed by a light lunch and time to independently explore the site before returning to Hobart. There is no cost involved.

Contact Vicki Skeggs (03) 6251 2339 for reservations.

With many thanks to our Port Arthur Historic Site colleagues for their very generous offer.

The program is as follows:

  • Fri 9 November – Australia ICOMOS AGM (early evening), followed by drinks and dinner
  • Fri 9 November – optional pre-symposia tour at Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Sat 10 November – Cultural Landscape Diversity & Its Implications; 1 day symposium – hosted by the Australia ICOMOS NSC Cultural Landscapes & Cultural Routes (and followed by dinner). The NSC-CLCR annual meeting will be held on Saturday 10 November immediately following the Cultural Landscapes Symposium (and before dinner!)
  • Sun 11 November – a full day field trip in the south of Tasmania for participants of one or both symposia