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  1. [NEW ITEM] Vale Dr Roland Silva
  2. [NEW ITEM] Australia ICOMOS bushfire response
  3. [NEW ITEM] ICOMOS GA2020 Bushfire Statement
  4. [NEW ITEM] GA2020 – Travel grant applications close 5 February / Book Qantas flights and contribute to carbon offsets
  5. [NEW ITEM] Online consultation on the “Policy Document on the Impacts of Climate Change on World Heritage properties” – survey closes 20 January
  6. [NEW ITEM] Various statements on the targeting of cultural heritage sites in Iran
  7. [NEW ITEM] Arte-Polis 8 2020 conference: Creative Society and the Making of Place, 3-5 September 2020, Indonesia – call for abstracts deadline: 20 January
  8. [NEW ITEM] SDG Project Management Scholarship program – applications open and close 31 January 2020
  9. [NEW ITEM] One woman’s tale of tragedy and triumph brought to life in a new tour at the Cascades Female Factory – Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority media release
  10. [NEW ITEM] New publication: Values in Heritage Management: Emerging Approaches and Research Directions
  11. [NEW ITEM] CyArk: Highlights from 2019 and the Year Ahead
  12. [NEW ITEM] World Monuments Fund Presents A Year in Photos: Highlights from 2019
  13. [NEW ISSUE] News from Sydney Living Museums
  14. [NEW ISSUE] The Johnston Collection – What’s On
  15. [NEW ISSUE] News from ICCROM
  16. [NEW ISSUE] Cambridge Heritage Research Centre bulletin









1. [NEW ITEM] Vale Dr Roland Silva

Dr Roland Silva

One of the great contributors to ICOMOS and the heritage profession at large, Dr Roland Silva was a scholar and a gentle man. Always ready to support young practitioners, always available to discuss an issue, always diplomatic in challenging circumstances and always seeking to extend the influence and activities of ICOMOS. He became a friend and a mentor to many who are saddened by his passing on 1 January 2020 after a brief illness.

Under his leadership of ICOMOS (1990 to 1999) the expansion of its international scientific work was his priority, developing doctrine and sharing good practice as well as stimulating and supporting the formation of new ICOMOS committees, which almost doubled in number during his presidency (67 to 114 NCs; and 12 to 25 ISCs) due to his active promotion of ICOMOS in Asia and Latin America.

Roland was responsible for initiating the development and articulation of many core ICOMOS principles during his presidency: amongst them the Ethical Commitment Statement for Members and the pursuit of what has become known as the Rights Based Approach to heritage as well as chairing the international deliberations on authenticity in Nara in 1993. Roland broadened the role of ICOMOS members worldwide by extending engagement in its World Heritage work and expected (and received) rigour and scholarship in every ICOMOS report and recommendation.

His professional work has been recognised in many prizes and awards, including the ICOMOS Gazzola prize, but his personal  generosity of spirit and kindness rests in the hearts and minds of everyone who had the pleasure of working with him. Australia ICOMOS joins his many friends and colleagues in sending our sincere condolences to his wife Neela, and children (Nirma, Ravi, Amitha and Prabha), family and colleagues, with many fond memories and great affection. Some years ago in his Christmas message Roland wrote that he hoped that professionalism at ICOMOS would be an UNBURSTABLE bubble, inspired by the Upanisards of circa 1,500 BC, a fitting memorial. Our thanks.

“The Self (soul) is like a Bubble on the Wave of the Ocean,

It is not the Wave it is not the Ocean,

It is the Bubble on the Wave of the Ocean.

As much as the Bubble is momentary so is the Self,

The Bubble on the Wave of the Ocean.

It comes out of Wave it comes out of the Ocean,

It goes back to the Wave it goes back to the Ocean.

The Bubble on the Wave of the Ocean.”

Words prepared by Sheridan Burke M.ICOMOS, a colleague and friend of Roland’s.


2. [NEW ITEM] Australia ICOMOS bushfire response

Australia ICOMOS is distressed and deeply saddened by the losses sustained in the devastating bushfires that have swept across Australia in recent months. While impacts on lives and communities are, of course, the principal concern at this time, the extent of the impact on our cultural and environmental heritage is also becoming clear.

Bushfire toolkit

Recognising that fire seasons in Australia are starting earlier, lasting longer and are increasingly intense, Australia ICOMOS is preparing an online toolkit to provide guidance for bushfire preparedness (preventative measures), response and recovery. We are appealing to Australia ICOMOS members to forward details of policies, procedures and toolkits that have proved effective in addressing these issues. Examples may be from Australia or overseas – eg. wildfires in California during 2019 burned over 100,000 hectares of land. If you know of relevant precedents please provide the name of the webpage/publication, an electronic link and a short summary of the website, webpage or publication to the Australia ICOMOS Secretariat by email by the end of January.



Bushfire guidelines

Australia ICOMOS is also reviewing and updating the Guidelines for Cultural Heritage Places Damaged by Fire that was prepared as a draft in response to the January 2003 Bushfires in South East Australia. The intent is to provide concise, practical guidance that identifies preventative measures (such as ember screens and aerial delivery of fire retardant), as well as measures to be implemented in the event of fire and following fire. The toolkit and guidelines are being prepared as a matter of urgency and will be made available at the earliest opportunity. More information will be available in future e-news issues and we will also send notifications through our Social Media (see links at the end of this newsletter).

Blue Shield Australia

Throughout this terrible fire season, Australia ICOMOS is working closely with Blue Shield Australia (BSA), the Australian arm of an international organisation that works to protect the cultural heritage threatened by natural and manmade disasters. ICOMOS is one of four ‘pillars’ or founding members of Blue Shield. For further information about BSA and its activities visit the Blue Shield Australia website and also this specific page on fire-related resources.


Finally, a reminder that the most effective way of supporting communities affected by the bushfires is to donate cash, not goods. Donations can be made via the Australian Red Cross website.


3. [NEW ITEM] ICOMOS GA2020 Bushfire Statement

Communities around Australia have been experiencing unprecedented bushfires, with larger, more severe and more widespread fires, and an earlier than usual start to the season.

GA2020 organisers would like to extend our sympathies to all those members and people in the community who have suffered from the bushfires. As in the wider community, many of our ICOMOS members have been personally affected, losing homes, needing to evacuate urgently, or at the very least experiencing prolonged unhealthy air quality. Many ICOMOS members have been involved and will continue to be involved in helping communities in response and recovery action, and in improving their preparedness and developing mitigation strategies. Australia ICOMOS is further developing its online toolkit in emergency recovery and participating in a range of partnerships, such as with Blue Shield Australia, local meetings and strategic initiatives in affected areas.

Scientific evidence shows that as the world warms due to human-induced climate change, we will experience an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. On the basis of scientific evidence, the Garnaut Climate Change Review in 2008 clearly stated the bushfire danger: …fire seasons will start earlier, end slightly later and generally be more intense. This effect increases over time, but should be directly observable by 2020.

These fires, as clear evidence of climate change, reinforce the need for climate action by us all. We need to speak out and take action, both personally and professionally. Many heritage sites, including natural heritage, cultural landscapes and built heritage sites, have been severely affected or destroyed by the recent bushfires. A key part of our role as heritage professionals in disaster risk preparedness is to develop appropriate planning tools, adaptation/mitigation strategies, conservation responses and recovery action now and into the future.

ICOMOS states that climate change has become one of the most significant and fastest growing threats to people and their cultural heritage worldwide. ICOMOS embraces a dual approach to the issue that emphasises both responding to the risks that climate change poses to cultural heritage and also champions heritage as a source of resilience and an asset to climate action, whose potential is unlocked through better conservation and management of the world’s tangible and intangible cultural resources.

Sessions at the GA2020 will be addressing some of the ways cultural heritage practice has responded to the bushfire emergency and how we can all engage in climate action. We encourage you to join these conversations at GA2020 by registering at the GA2020 website.


4. [NEW ITEM] GA2020 – Travel grant applications close 5 February / Book Qantas flights and contribute to carbon offsets

GA2020 Travel grants

The International Secretariat is now accepting applications for travel grants to attend the 20th triennial General Assembly of ICOMOS in Sydney, Australia from 1-10 October 2020.

For more information on who is eligible, etc, visit the ICOMOS website.

Qantas flights and carbon offsets

Now is a great time to find good international and domestic flight deals with our official Airline Partner Qantas.

GA2020 delegates and travel partners are eligible for special discounted fares, which can be booked online through our dedicated booking portal. 

Contribute to a sustainable General Assembly by opting to pay for carbon offsets – Qantas will match your contribution dollar for dollar!

Find out more at the GA2020 website.


5. [NEW ITEM] Online consultation on the “Policy Document on the Impacts of Climate Change on World Heritage properties” – survey closes 20 January

The World Heritage Committee is updating the 2008 “Policy Document on the Impacts of Climate Change and World Heritage”. 

To support this objective, the World Heritage Centre launched a voluntary online consultation questionnaire on 30 December 2019, seeking input from States Parties to the Convention, Advisory Bodies, NGOs, civil society, other stakeholders and interested parties to inform the process of updating the policy.

The World Heritage Centre website states that the “results of the consultation will represent a major contribution towards the updating of the Policy Document. The draft updated Policy Document will be presented to the World Heritage Committee at its 44th session (Fuzhou, China, 29 June – 9 July 2020).”

The survey is open for individual ICOMOS members to take part until 20 January 2020 and can be found at this link.


6. [NEW ITEM] Various statements on the targeting of cultural heritage sites in Iran

In response to media reports that the United States of America would target cultural heritage sites in Iran in relation to the current conflict between those two countries, Australia ICOMOS wishes to draw your attention to the following statements, which were released by various organisations earlier this month:


7. [NEW ITEM] Arte-Polis 8 2020 conference: Creative Society and the Making of Place, 3-5 September 2020, Indonesia – call for abstracts deadline: 20 January

The organisers of the Arte-Polis International Conference would like to invite you to the 8th of International Conference Arte-Polis, taking place on 3-5 September 2020 in Bandung-Indonesia.

The conference is about Creative Society and the Making of Place: Redefining Space in the Digital Era. To be more specific, the event will discuss:

1. Humanizing Creative Design Process –  in the Digital Era

2. Design and Production of Space – in the Digital Era

3. Urban Creativity and the Making of Place – in the Digital Era

Abstract submission for this conference closes on 20 January 2020.

For more information, visit the conference website.


8. [NEW ITEM] SDG Project Management Scholarship program – applications open and close 31 January 2020

Applications are open for the current round of the SDG Project Management Scholarship program, run by Elemental Projects in partnership with the UNGC Australia Network.

Essentially, any project that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can apply for the scholarship; the UNGC then selects the project with the strongest SDG-alignment to receive the scholarship.

The scholarship includes complementary attendance for the project manager and up to four of their team at a 6-day flagship course “Elemental Project Management” (valued at $15,000), where they will workshop their project management plan live in the training room. Elemental Projects also produces a 2-3 minute video about the project for use in social media to promote the project, the organisation that delivered it, the SDGs and the scholarship.

This scholarship will be offered three times this year (ie. every time the course is delivered publicly). The next course is kicking off in February and places are still available. More information about the course content is available in the Participant Info Kit.

Applications close on 31 January 2020 for the first cohort; and one month before cohorts 2 and 3 (cohort dates available here). To apply for the scholarship, project managers simply complete and submit the application form.

Industry Sponsorship

Any organisation can contribute to the scholarship program as an Industry Sponsor, which will enable the scholarship to be extended to more projects (one scholarship per $4,950 of funding). This is a non-profit program for us, so all funds contributed by sponsors go directly towards supporting the SDG project teams. We’ve built in some additional value-adds for sponsors too, to further incentivise them to sponsor the scholarship – these are outlined in the Sponsor Info Kit.


9. [NEW ITEM] One woman’s tale of tragedy and triumph brought to life in a new tour at the Cascades Female Factory – Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority media release

Australia ICOMOS is committed to the dissemination of relevant cultural heritage information. In line with this commitment we are circulating the following media release from the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, dated 7 January 2020.

The World Heritage-listed Cascades Female Factory Historic Site in South Hobart is launching a new dramatised tour – The Proud and The Punished next Thursday 9 January at 2:30pm.

A collaborative creation by Ben-Irons Productions and playwright Finegan Krukemeyer, the 45-minute tale is a one-woman performance featuring multiple characters but centered around Sarah Mason, a petty criminal who rails against the system of punishment and redemption inside the prison walls.

Described by the playwright Finegan Krukemeyer;

“Sarah Mason lived a life which reflects the female convict experience well – as a petty criminal sent to it, an injured victim of it and a mouthy challenger against it. The few words which record her for posterity suggest someone embattled by the system, but never quite crushed by it. Despite her early death, there is contained in her years a complex, evocative life which serves to both help us judge history’s structural ills, and also celebrate history’s individual strengths.”

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site Manager Greta McDonald said:

“Sarah’s story, as told in this new tour, is a compilation of the historical accounts of the women at the female factory who went through incredible hardships; from assignment, pregnancy and punishment. Through hard work and strength of character, many women were able to not only survive, but to rise above this hardship. They were the women who went on to be the founding mothers and entrepreneurs of this new land.”

You are invited to share in the story of Australia’s convict women with The Proud and Punished offered daily at 2:30pm (except Saturdays). The dramatised tour runs for 45-minutes and aligns with the Australian curriculum (Year 5 & 9) when students are exploring the ideas, developments and people associated with convictism and the early colonial period. Spaces are limited and bookings may be made online at this link or by phoning 1800 139 478.

The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is open seven days a week from 9:30am-4:00pm. Please note this new tour is within the yards of the Cascades Female Factory – an open space, we encourage visitors to dress appropriately, and normal site entry fees apply.

To read this media release online and view the associated images, click here.


10. [NEW ITEM] New publication: Values in Heritage Management: Emerging Approaches and Research Directions

A new publication within the Getty Conservation Institute’s long term research and convening focused on the values and economics of cultural heritage, which spans more than 20 years, is now available.

Values in Heritage Management: Emerging Approaches and Research Directions
Edited by Erica Avrami, Susan Macdonald, Randall Mason, and David Myers

Over the last four decades, heritage professionals have increasingly engaged in public processes that have required responding to diverse concerns of stakeholder groups and related political, economic, and cultural dynamics. As definitions of what constitutes cultural heritage have expanded, norms of heritage practice and heritage management approaches have evolved to place values at their core.

This volume, with contributions by leading international practitioners and scholars, considers how heritage relates to broader societal concerns including politics, cultural identities, economic trends, changing models of governance, and climate change and sustainability; reviews how values-based management approaches have been applied and adapted in a variety of geographic and cultural contexts; takes stock of emerging approaches to values in heritage practice and policy; identifies common needs and challenges; and proposes areas for developing approaches and future research to help improve conservation outcomes.

We hope this publication will be a useful resource to practitioners as well as educators and students for dealing with the challenges of heritage place management.

You may access a free e-reader version at this link.

A free PDF version is available at this link.

And print versions are available for purchase at this link.


11. [NEW ITEM] CyArk: Highlights from 2019 and the Year Ahead

Looking back at 2019

CyArk had a productive and rewarding year in 2019. Our team had the opportunity to work with local heritage managers in nine countries on fourteen different projects, supporting local efforts to preserve cultural heritage. Some highlights of the year include:

  • A collaborative project with @ICOMOS documenting the impacts of climate change on sites in Peru, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Scotland, and Chile
  • Launching Open Heritage 3D and forming the Open Heritage Alliance to make 3D data of heritage sites available to the world
  • Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising through documentation of the Stonewall Inn in New York City

Moving forward into 2020

As we move into the new decade, we are excited to push the boundaries of what is possible with 3D. Digital documentation is more accessible than ever before, and we look forward to transforming how technology can help us preserve and connect with heritage and one another. Some exciting initiatives for 2020:

  • Expanding opportunities to access and share 3D data through Open Heritage 3D
  • Continuing to make our methodologies more open and accessible for broader audiences and our heritage partners
  • Exploring innovative ways to bring cultural heritage to life through digital storytelling
  • Utilizing our experience abroad to connect with heritage here at home in the Bay Area


12. [NEW ITEM] World Monuments Fund Presents A Year in Photos: Highlights from 2019

As we approach a new decade, the World Monuments Fund reflects on some of the year’s most exciting progress at cultural heritage sites around the world. 

Click here to view the slide show.


13. [NEW ISSUE] News from Sydney Living Museums

To read the latest news from the Sydney Living Museums, click here.


14. [NEW ISSUE] The Johnston Collection – What’s On

Click here for information on upcoming events at the Johnston Collection.


15. [NEW ISSUE] News from ICCROM

To view the latest news from ICCROM, click here.


16. [NEW ISSUE] Cambridge Heritage Research Centre bulletin

To read the latest Cambridge Heritage Research Centre bulletin, click on the following link.




GA2020 Acting Convenor

Richard Mackay will be on leave and working overseas from 13 December until early February 2020. During this period, Dr Steve Brown will be the Acting Convenor of ICOMOS GA2020. He can be contacted on +61 409 308 909 or contact Steve via email.

The GA2020 Project Team at Arinex can be contacted on +612 9265 0700 or contact the GA2020 Project Team by email.


ICOMOS GA2020 6-ISCs Joint Meeting – call for abstracts / poster: deadline 3 February 2020

The 6-ISCs Joint Meeting aims to provide a forum for considering the various threats (whether natural cause or human error) in cultural heritage, regarding how to address and where to start by shared responsibility. By creating new tools and guidance among interdisciplinary fields, it shall lead us to achieve a shared future – thus the meeting theme of “Advancing Risk Management for the Shared Future”.

We hope this joint meeting will be an opportunity to bring participants together from any discipline across the heritage sector from all over the world, whether they be academic or professional, to come together to discuss topics and case studies relating to this theme.

Important Dates

20 November 2019 – Call for abstracts
20 November 2019 – Registration open
03 February 2020 – Abstracts submission close
29 April 2020 – Notification of acceptance
31 July 2020 – Author registration deadline
21 September 2020 – Registration close

For more information and to download the abstract submission form, visit the meeting website.

Submissions close 3 February 2020.

Download the 6ISC_CFA poster.




SAVE THE DATE: Future Forum 2020 on Aboriginal Heritage in WA, 20.03.2020

The Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI), the Anthropological Society of Western Australia (ASWA) and Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) will host this event, referred to as Future Forum 2020.

Future Forum 2020 will take place as follows:

Date: 20 March 2020
Venue: Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

The intent of Future Forum 2020 is to bring together heritage practitioners – in Aboriginal communities, representative bodies, industry, consultancy bodies, academia and government – to explore and discuss what the future of Aboriginal heritage management could look like in this state. It also aims to showcase current achievements and future plans for enhancing Aboriginal heritage management, including Aboriginal community-led research, innovations and collaborative projects. The symposium will be a remarkable opportunity to connect, share and discuss visions, aspirations, innovations and anticipated challenges, as a collective of people working and engaging with Aboriginal cultural heritage within the state.

Download the Future Forum 2020 Save the Date flyer.




VALA2020 – Focus on the Future conference, 11-13 February 2020, Melbourne

VALA2020 – Focus on the Future – is the 20th VALA Biennial Conference.

To be held in Melbourne on 11-13 February 2020, VALA 2020 will be the year’s must-attend event for everyone who works or aspires to work in the information and technology environment of the GLAM Sector.

Once an event for library IT practitioners, the increasing common ground that exists within all collections management agencies sees VALA’s doors open to colleagues and collaborators across libraries, galleries, archives and museums. This “coming together” is reflected in our Conference Organising Committee, our Keynote line-up and our program.

For more information visit the conference website.

**VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc. is an independent, Australian based not-for-profit organisation that actively supports the use and understanding of information technology in libraries and the GLAM sector.


Australasian Engineering Heritage conference, 19–25 November 2020, Dunedin – call for submission: deadline 3 April 2020

Australasian Engineering Heritage conference
19–25 November 2020

Titled ‘Engineering in a 2020 World – The Future of the Past’, the conference will spotlight how heritage engineering and technology has endured, developed and undergone restoration and repurposing to claim its place in the future.

Abstracts, formal conference papers and proposals for presentations will be accepted until 3 April 2020. Full details can be found at this link.

Engineering New Zealand’s Otago Heritage Chapter together with Principal Sponsor, Naylor Love, look forward to bringing you this much anticipated event. We hope to see you in Dunedin.

Download the 2020 Australasian Engineering Heritage conference poster.


International DOCOMOMO conference, 10-13 September 2020, Japan

16th International DOCOMOMO Conference: Resilient Inheritability – Sharing Values of Global Modernity
10-13 September 2020
Tokyo, Japan

The 16th International DOCOMOMO Conference will take place in Tokyo, organized by DOCOMOMO Japan, with the theme “Resilient Inheritability: Sharing Values of Global Modernity”.

Today, not only in Europe, but in Japan, South America, Africa and throughout the world, the architectural cultural heritage that we call the “Modern Movement” (MoMo) has been exposed to the major force of conscious/unconscious destruction.

We can trace the causes to three reasons:

1. Popular Ignorance of the MoMo
2. Self-Vulnerability of MoMo
3. Skepticism towards MoMo-Ideology

Hence, we are embarking on a mission to mitigate these three elements of threat that are endangering the MoMo. We are calling for those experts who are directly and indirectly connected to the movement, but also all the people interested in the protection of the MoMo in a renewed future, to come together to offer knowledge and experience. There are, also, three types of knowledge that we must collect from the global community. From the experts:

1. Knowledge of revitalization and reinterpretation;
2. Technology, methodology and policy to revitalize the value and the vitality of the MoMo. And, from the adults gathered around the experts and the children who will carry our world towards the future;
3. Knowledge of education and enlightenment.

For more information visit the DOCOMOMO Australia website and also the DOCOMOMO website.




Call for Projects for the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Campaign 2020 – application deadline 19 January

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is pleased to announce the Call for Projects for the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Campaign 2020. This Call welcomes the participation of all interested organisations and institutions. In addition, it offers a new opportunity to apply for not only one-year cycle, but also two-year cycle process, with the aim to foster and encourage the commitment to World Heritage.

What is the World Heritage Volunteers Initiative?

The World Heritage Volunteers Initiative (WHV) was launched in 2008 to encourage young people to undertake concrete actions and to play an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage sites. It consists of action camps organized by youth organizations or institutions in cooperation with multiple stakeholders and partners, which work all together for the state of conservation of World Heritage sites. The initiative mobilizes national and international volunteers through hands-on and awareness-raising activities for the conservation of our common cultural and natural heritage.

Please submit your application at the latest by 19 January 2020, Midnight (Paris Time GMT+1).

Visit the UNESCO website for more information.


Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions – applications close 20 January 2020

After 10 years of European funding, 400 students and 65 countries, applications for the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions are opened up to 20 January 2020. This international course on the conservation of heritage structures was the winner of the 2017 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage “Europa Nostra”, and presents a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

This Masters Course, which is running its 13th Edition, is organized by a consortium of leading European Universities/Research Institutions in the field, including the University of Minho (coordinating institution, Portugal), the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain), the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic), the University of Padua (Italy) and the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic).

The course combines the most recent advances in research and development with practical applications.

A significant number of scholarships, ranging from 4,000 to 13,000 Euro, are available to students of any nationality.

Please find full details on the MSc programme, as well as the electronic application procedure, at the course website.

Visit also the SAHC blog and connect via LinkedIn.


Independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) – submissions due 14 February 2020

Members are encouraged to contribute to this review of the EPBC Act. Australia ICOMOS will also be formally considering a submission and other engagement with this process. If members do make a submission, it would be helpful if this could be shared with Australia ICOMOS. Please send a copy of your submission to Duncan Marshall via email.

Independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 – Discussion paper released and public submissions open

Professor Graeme Samuel AC released a discussion paper as part of the independent review of the EPBC Act.

The discussion paper is to start the conversation about how the EPBC Act has operated and whether it is fit for the future. The discussion paper outlines the Act, what it does and where it came from. Potential areas of focus for the review are explored, and options for reform floated. These are not settled views, rather a starting point to stimulate discussion.

Read the discussion paper / Find out more about making a submission

All interested parties are invited to provide written submissions in response to this paper as early as possible.

Submissions will close on 14 February 2020.


City of Stirling History and Heritage Awards – nominations close 14 February 2020

The History and Heritage Awards recognise and reward conservation efforts by individuals and groups within the City in the pursuit of conserving the City’s history and heritage.

Nominations for the 2020 awards are open!

We have separated history and heritage into two categories. The history category focuses on photographs from times gone by. The heritage category focuses on the conservation of the built environment, streetscapes, education and the promotion of heritage within the wider community.

Entries for the History and Heritage Awards close on Friday 14 February 2020 at 5.00pm.

For more information, click here.


Japan “Modern Architecture” Tour: 2-10 September 2020



Japan is globally renowned for innovative and fascinating architecture and is also home to some remarkable examples of Modern Architecture of the 20th Century.

The 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR offers the opportunity to see and visit some outstanding examples of Modern Architecture, including buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Kenzo Tange, Le Corbusier, Fumihiko Maki and many more famous Japanese architects. Combine this with some wonderful contemporary architecture by the same architects, as well as art exhibitions and of course, Japanese food and culture; the 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR will be a truly memorable experience.

This unique 8-day tour will visit the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, the ancient city of Kyoto and nearby Osaka and will be personally conducted by Australian Architect, former Japan resident and Japan Expert, Robert Day FRAIA.

The next International DOCOMOMO Conference will be held in Tokyo from 10 September 2020, so if you are planning to visit Japan for the conference, this tour is the perfect complement. Even if you are not attending the conference, it will be a great opportunity to visit Japan and experience the amazing architecture and culture of Japan.

For more information visit this link or email Robert Day.

**(Disclaimer: Note, the 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR offered by Robert Day Travel is not associated with the 16th International DOCOMOMO Conference Tokyo Japan 2020 nor is it endorsed or organised by DOCOMOMO International, DOCOMOMO Japan or DOCOMOMO Australia).




[NEW] SITUATION VACANT Cultural Heritage Officer, Transport and Main Roads (QLD)

In the role of Cultural Heritage Officer you will provide specialist cultural heritage advice and support (both Indigenous and historical) on departmental policy/procedures, legislative requirements and best practice relating to cultural heritage management as part of the delivery of transport infrastructure projects for the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

This role also requires you to form strategic alliances with internal and external clients, including Traditional Owners and/or their agents, concerned with the management of cultural heritage relevant to the Department’s interests.

For more information and to apply, visit this link.

Applications close 20 January.


[NEW] SITUATION VACANT Partnership Sales Manager, National Trust of Australia Queensland

The National Trust of Australia Queensland (NTAQ) is a membership-based community organisation and registered charity that works to protect, conserve and celebrate the Environmental, Built and Cultural heritage of our State, and is affiliated with the Australian and international National Trusts. The NTAQ collection includes Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and eleven other properties across Queensland, including the signature Brisbane property Wolston Farmhouse at Wacol. Please refer to our website for more details.

Position details & duties

Reporting directly to the CEO of NTAQ, the key responsibility of this role is to directly facilitate company profitability, achieved by sound business development (BDM) activities. This will entail being a professional and effective ambassador for NTAQ. Duties will include forming and maintaining effective partnerships within the SEQ region at both corporate and community level to drive growth in individual memberships and growth in corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

For more detailed information about the role and how to apply, visit this link.

Whilst no deadline for applications is stated in the advertisement, prospective applicants should note that interviews will be held on 28 January in Brisbane.  


[NEW] TENDER OPPORTUNITY Storytelling and Interpretation Plan for the Kurnell Precinct, Kamay Botany Bay NSW

New tender: Storytelling and Interpretation Plan for the Kurnell Precinct, Kamay Botany Bay NSW

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is seeking the services of a qualified specialist to develop a Storytelling and Interpretation Plan for the Kurnell Precinct, Kamay Botany Bay, NSW. 29 April 2020 will mark the 250th anniversary of the contact between Aboriginal Australians and the crew of the HMB Endeavour. The upcoming anniversary has precipitated a fresh look at the Kurnell Precinct of Kamay Botany Bay National Park and the opportunities it offers to respectfully present this multi-layered, nationally significant place. The purpose of this project is to investigate and present opportunities to enhance the visitor experience at this highly-visited precinct through the development of a detailed Interpretation Plan consistent with the concepts developed in Kurnell Master Plan available on the NWPS website.

Please visit the NSW eTendering website for further information.

This is an open tender process and submissions close on 28 January 2020.


[NEW] SITUATIONS VACANT Commonwealth Heritage Consultant, GML Heritage, Canberra

GML is a vibrant, attentive, and sustainable interdisciplinary consultancy that collaborates with clients and communities to deliver heritage services of enduring value. Our consulting team has expertise in urban planning, archaeology, architecture, public history, Aboriginal cultural heritage, and interpretation. We work all over Australia and have a great portfolio of challenging projects and you will work alongside experienced practitioners in an engaged and supportive environment.

GML Heritage is seeking a dynamic heritage specialist/project manager with Commonwealth heritage experience at a senior level. This is a full-time position based in Canberra.

Click on the following links for more information:


SITUATIONS VACANT Heritage Consultants, GML Heritage, Sydney and Canberra and Context, Melbourne

GML Heritage and Context have multiple opportunities for Heritage Consultants to join our Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne teams. You will provide specialist heritage advice across a range of built heritage or archaeological services. The roles involve working on architectural, planning and infrastructure projects for public and private sector clients. Depending on your disciplinary background you could find yourself working on an archaeological excavation, assessing significant places or areas, engaging communities, and preparing reports, project proposals and tender submissions, including scoping tasks, timeframes, and budgets.

We are seeking motivated, enthusiastic and talented heritage consultants with a strong interest in heritage conservation. Both temporary and ongoing full-time and part time roles are available in our Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne offices.

To learn more and apply visit the GML Heritage website.




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