Intro to the BC

The Burra Charter: An Introduction

Released 7 July 2021

What is the Burra Charter?

The Burra Charter provides basic principles and procedures for managing heritage places. This can include buildings, structures, ruins, monuments, landscapes, archaeological and Aboriginal places.

This video provides an introduction to the Burra Charter, how it is used, by whom and for what purpose.

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Narration: Maddie J. Miller
Production: Digital Heritage


Launch of ‘The Burra Charter: An Introduction’, 7 July 2021

The launch of the Burra Charter Series took place on 7 July with an online presentation. This event featured a range of speakers who shared their perspectives and the influence of the Burra Charter on heritage practice in Australia and internationally. The Burra Charter: An Introduction was formally launched by Australia ICOMOS President, Helen Lardner.

Australia ICOMOS extends its sincere thanks to each of the speakers:

Chris Johnston, Host
Adam Mornement
Jane Alexander
Julian Siu
Flavia Kiperman
Sheridan Burke
Kieran Davis