HE, vol 32 no 1, 2020 – ICOMOS 2020 Legacy issue PDF




Guest Editors and Contributors

Acknowledging Contributors to GA2020 Sydney
Steve Brown, Ona Vileikis & Richard Mackay

ICOMOS 2020 Scientific Symposium: A legacy
Steve Brown & Ona Vileikis

Machismo and feminicide: Sharing culture and diffŒicult heritage in Mexico
Marco Antonio Chávez-Aguayo & Cristina Garduño Freeman

Indigenous heritage narratives for cultural justice
Diane Menzies & Chris Wilson

The CultureNature Journey from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Sydney, Australia: Reaching agreement on what’s next?
Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy & Tim Badman

Marginalised heritages: Building bridges to recognition and protection
Tokie Laotan-Brown, Bekeh Utietiang Ukelina & Conrad Kuzooka

Shared heritage: Multiple attributes, multiple values, multiple actors
Kai Weise & Agnieshka Kiera

Sharing responsibility for heritage places in a changing world
Susan Macdonald & Maclaren North

Book Reviews