HE, vol 31 no 3, 2019 – Conserving it Together: Cultural Landscapes—Intangible Heritage

Contents (vol 31 no 3)

Editorial note (vol 31 no 3)
Kerime Danis & Mary Knaggs

Preface: CULTURE: Conserving it Together (vol 31 no 3)
Jean Rice

Contributors (vol 31 no 3)

Contested landscapes: Private shacks—public lands (vol 31 no 3)
Geoff Ashley

The Easter Island sheep farm cultural landscape (vol 31 no 3)
Sue Jackson-Stepowski & Abigail Gabon-Bautista

Integrative conservation under the 5Cs Strategy: Case study of Qionglin in Kinmen, Taiwan (vol 31 no 3)
Alex Yaning Yen

Traditional cultural events, built heritage and placemaking: The Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico (vol 31 no 3)
Daniel Barrera-Fernandez & Marco Hernandez-Escampa

Integrating Kaupapa Maori and Te Aranga urban design principles into the development of policy to inform better design processes (vol 31 no 3)
Jacqueline Paul & Jade Kake

Culture/Nature, Islander knowing and the 1875 Chevert Expedition (vol 31 no 3)
Leah Lui-Chivizhe

What’s in a name? Case-studies of applied language maintenance and revitalization from Vanuatu (vol 31 no 3)
Mark Love, M. Anne Brown, Samuel Kenneth,Gorden Ling, Roselyn Tor, Miriam Bule, Gideon Ronalea, Siro Vagaha, Kaitip Kami & Daniel Luki

Access to recordings in the languages of the Pacific (vol 31 no 3)
Nick Thieberger

Landscape as middle ground: a resilience approach to conservation and promotion of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Levuka, Fiji (vol 31 no 3)
Penny Allan, Elizabeth Yarina & Martin Bryant

Book Reviews (vol 31 no 3)