HE, vol 30 no 3, 2018 – Going to Delhi: Australian contributions to the 19th ICOMOS General Assembly, Delhi, India 2017

Contents (vol 30 no 3)

Introduction (vol 30 no 3)
Kristal Buckley & Gabrielle Harrington

Contributors (vol 30 no 3)

Scientific Symposium on “Heritage and Democracy”: an overview (vol 30 no 3)
Nupur Prothi Khanna

The work of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee, Delhi 2017 (vol 30 no 3)
Sheridan Burke

ICOMOS Emerging Professionals: carrying our heritage into the future (vol 30 no 3)
Gabrielle Harrington

Culture-Nature Journey Knowledge Café: The Double-Edged Sword of Cultural Tourism and the Conservation of Natural and Cultural Assets. Case Studies from the Eastern Adriatic (vol 30 no 3)
Anita Yousif

Bringing the 2020 ICOMOS Triennial General Assembly to Australia (vol 30 no 3)
Richard Mackay

The making of doctrinal texts and universal guidelines: what value? (vol 30 no 3)
Steve Brown

Connecting the past to the future: a vision for reconciliation and remembrance in Anlong Veng, Cambodia (vol 30 no 3)
Julia Mayer

The role of cultural heritage in building peace and reconciliation: conflict, disaster and the future of heritage (vol 30 no 3)
Melathi Saldin and Catherine Forbes

The implications of online connectivity for world heritage in a digital platform society (vol 30 no 3)
Cristina Garduño Freeman

Abandonment and authenticity in Australian rural landscapes (vol 30 no 3)
Jane Lennon

Does the cultural heritage of pome fruit need support from heritage practitioners? (vol 30 no 3)
Caroline Grant

Do landscapes migrate? A metaphorical conceptualisation of the early settlement landscapes of the Mount Lofty Ranges (vol 30 no 3)
Stephanie Johnston

Travelling on the CultureNature Journey to New Delhi, India (vol 30 no 3)
Susan Mcintyre-Tamwoy

Yatra aur Tammanah – Yatra: our purposeful Journey Tammanah: our wishful aspirations for our heritage (vol 30 no 3)

Delhi Declaration on Heritage and Democracy (vol 30 no 3)