HE, vol 30 no 2, 2018 – Sites of Consumption on the Fringes of Urban Heritage

Contents (vol 30 no 2)

Editorial: Sites of Consumption on the Fringes of Urban Heritage (vol 30 no 2)
Lauren Pikó & Elizabeth Taylor

Contributors (vol 30 no 2)

Consumption as control: historical relationships between regulated and unsanctioned practices of consumption in public squares
Claire Miller

Heritage, the planning imaginary and spatial justice in Melbourne’s ‘doughnut city’
Claire Collie

Consuming the Yarra: the city reaches as a site of consumer heritage in Melbourne
Marcus Lancaster

The Malvern Victory Supermarket: Jewish enterprise, modernist rhetoric and cultural change
Ariele Hoffman, Victoria Kolankiewicz, David Nichols And Catherine Townsend

A progressive role for heritage movements in neighbourhood retail accessibility: reimagining the milk bar into the future
Rebecca Clements

Bottles in big boxes: liquor licensing regulations and the history of Melbourne bottle shops
Elizabeth Taylor

A faster taste: Red Rooster and the architecture of Australian fast food
Andrew Murray

A place to play: an historical geographical perspective on live music and poker machines in Australian pubs
Sarah Taylor