HE, vol 30 no 1, 2018

Contents (vol 30 no 1)

Editorial: Chronicling change, engaging debate: the value of Historic Environment (vol 30 no 1)
Steven Cooke

Contributors (vol 30 no 1)

Memorialising Beersheba
Susan Balderstone

Missing Heritage: communications technologyand the birthplace of globalisation
Alexander Gillespie

The Victorian Contractors’ and Builders’ Price-Book, the first Australian price-book, published in 1859 in Melbourne, Victoria, by Charles Mayes C.E. (1827-1899)
Roger Hobbs

Understanding the Outstanding Universal Value of mining sites: evolving international approaches and their implications for reconsidering the World Heritage potential of the Victorian Goldfields
Anita Smith & Susan Lawrence

Placemaking through postcards of Port Arthur
Jennifer Jones-Travers

The 2017 Jim Kerr Address: Heritage-Inheritance: contemporary relevance and continuity
Richard Johnson AO MBE

Book Reviews (vol 30 no 1)