HE, vol 26 no 2, 2014, World Heritage at 40 – The view from Australia

Cover (vol 26 no 2)









Contents (vol 26 no 2)

Editorial Introduction (vol 26 no 2)
Jane Harrington, Anita Smith & Kristal Buckley

Contributors (vol 26 no 2)

Part 1 – Australia and the Global Dialogue in 2012

Marking Four Decades of World Heritage – The view from Australia (vol 26 no 2)
Jane Harrington & Kristal Buckley

Politics Before Lunch? A morning’s work by the World Heritage Committee (vol 26 no 2)
Greg Terrill

The World Heritage Convention at 40: Challenges for the work of ICOMOS (vol 26 no 2)
Kristal Buckley

Beautiful One Day: Assessing the World Heritage aesthetic values of the Great Barrier Reef (vol 26 no 2)
Chris Johnston & Anita Smith

Part 2 – Commentaries and Vignettes 

40 Years of the World Heritage Convention – Heritage in crisis? (vol 26 no 2)
Michael Queale

The future of the World Heritage List (vol 26 no 2)
Duncan Marshall

Managing Values Other than Outstanding Universal Value – A case study from K’gari (Fraser Island World Heritage Area), Queensland, Australia (vol 26 no 2)
Anne Ross

World Heritage in Fremantle (vol 26 no 2)
Brad Pettitt

Norfolk Island and community consultation (vol 26 no 2)
Jean Rice

Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Nomination: Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park (vol 26 no 2)
David Bannear

Community aspirations for the World Heritage Listing of the Budj Bim Lava Flow (vol 26 no 2)
Denis Rose

The case for World Heritage Listing of the Mount Lofty Ranges Agrarian Landscape (vol 26 no 2)
Stephanie Johnston

From the City of Brasilia to the Architectural and Urban Work of Le Corbusier – To the centenary of Canberra (vol 26 no 2)
Sheridan Burke

Kokoda World Heritage (vol 26 no 2)
Kokoda Initiative Partners

The Australian World Heritage Advisory Committee (vol 26 no 2)
Richard Mackay

Celebrating 40 years of World Heritage – The Cairns Communique (vol 26 no 2)
Andrew Mclean

Book Reviews (vol 26 no 2)