HE, vol 14 no 5, 2000, World Heritage

Contents (vol 14 no 5)









Contents (vol 14 no 5)

Editorial (vol 14 no 5)

Conference Program (vol 14 no 5)

Conference Opening Speech (vol 14 no 5)
Peter King

The World Heritage Listing (vol 14 no 5)
Henry Cleere

The ICOMOS New Zealand Charter and Management of Intangible Values (vol 14 no 5)
Mary O’Keefe

‘Intangible Values’ as Heritage in Australia (vol 14 no 5)
Marilyn Truscott

The Australia ICOMOS Code on the Ethics of Co-Existence in Conserving Significant Places as a Response to Australian Cultural Diversity (vol 14 no 5)
Duncan Marshall

Prospects for World Heritage in New Zealand and Polynesia (vol 14 no 5)
Mary O’Keefe, Kevin L. Jones

Cultural Landscapes – Conserving Cultural Heritage Values in Natural Areas (vol 14 no 5)
Jane Lennon

Kakadu World Heritage Area – Protecting Values and Attributes (vol 14 no 5)
Don Henry

World Heritage Tentative Lists – Purpose and Background (vol 14 no 5)
Sharon Sullivan

Australia’s Tentative List – Existing and Potential Proposals (vol 14 no 5)
Sheridan Burke

Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Nomination (vol 14 no 5)
Michael Pearson

Victorian Goldfields – Tentative World Heritage Listing (vol 14 no 5)
Jane Lennon

Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building – A Case for World Heritage Listing (vol 14 no 5)
Robyn Riddett

The Canberra Plan – A Candidate for World Heritage Listing (vol 14 no 5)
Ken Taylor

Directions for the World Heritage Nomination of the Adelaide Park Lands (vol 14 no 5)
David Jones

Book Reviews (vol 14 no 5)