Illustrated Burra Charter

The Illustrated Burra Charter (2004) provides an article-by-article explanation of the Burra Charter with examples and illustrations.

While it is based on the now-revised 1999 version of the Burra Charter, Australia ICOMOS believes that the Illustrated Burra Charter still offers an excellent guide to heritage practice in Australia.

Written by Meredith Walker and Peter Marquis-Kyle, the Illustrated Burra Charter: good practice for heritage places contains 120 pages of examples, drawn from a wide range of places of cultural significance from all over Australia. Working through the Burra Charter, each article has a commentary that explains and expands on the ideas and principles behind the article. Accompanying the commentaries are examples with photographs, plans and drawings that illustrate the application of the particular article to real places.

The Illustrated Burra Charter is only available in hard copy form. It can be purchased directly from Australia ICOMOS by completing the Merchandise Order Form 2024.